It’s not all sad, though. Our leaving makes way for new editorial members who will carry on the good work. The new head Copy editor, Herman, is going to do a fantastic job – I know this because he hates the excessive use of commas almost as much as I hate semicolons. All that’s left for me to do now is to say thank you. Thank you to my awesome and hardworking copy team, to Perdeby, and to the lovely 2014 editorial. I’m going to miss you all so much.

Rebecca Paulsen – Layout

 I finally have to say goodbye to what has been the biggest part of my life for the past 10 months. It’s hard to explain how much this paper means to me but, basically, my four years at university would be completely different (and boring) if it wasn’t for Perdeby. I have made friends for life, created memories that I will never forget, drank way too much vodka, and gained a passion for layout and design that will never die. I am incredibly sad to say goodbye but excited for the future and the opportunities that working at Perdeby has created for me. Goodbye, Tukkies. It’s been real.


Bradley Donald – Visuals

After four years at Perdeby, I can honestly say that I have had the best times of my life. I have had amazing experiences and I have met some incredible people, many of whom have become very close friends. It is a bittersweet feeling to be leaving. Perdeby has at times left me tired and stressed out, but with no regrets. One thing I have learned in my years at Perdeby, and I have worked with three different editorials, is that everyone single editorial, in fact, everyone at paper, really knows how to drink. From socials at Aandklas, which can only be described as my second home, to camp and Oppi, you are bound to find one of us, if not all of us, drinking. I will miss all the craziness and Fridays in the office. It is off to the the real world now, to do whatever it is that “adults” do.

Cheers all!

Molebogeng Mangoale – News

 Being part of Perdeby for the past two years has been the ultimate highlight and experience of my time in varsity. Not only did I learn a lot in terms of media and journalism, but I have met the most awesome people. I appreciate the friends that I have made here and will forever cherish the moments that we have shared. I’d like to thank my news team for being the awesome people they are! No one worked as closely with them as I did and I know how hardworking they are. Their enthusiasm and passion for what we do kept me motivated when times got tough. I hand over the baton to Michael Bongani. I trust that he’ll take the News section to greater heights. To you, the Perdeby reader, thank you for your readership.


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