It is with a heavy heart that I have to say goodbye to the wonderful Perdeby team, a group of hardworking individuals who I have considered, for the past year, my extended family. But sadly I have to say goodbye to my readers as well. Not that I want this piece to turn out like an Oscars evening, but I would like to thank all the Features readers and those who read Perdeby. Thank you to this year’s editorial team for all the laughs and jokes between the stress and deadlines that brought us all together, you are all truly amazing and have been such a pleasure to work with. As all good things must come to an end, I will now be continuing my journey by completing my honours in journalism either at Stellenbosch or Wits. Hold thumbs for me, and all the best with your future.


Michael Bongani Reinders

I have chosen to take the soppy route, so here it is: it is with a heavy heart that I say goodbye to Perdeby. I have worked at the paper since 2013 and have been both Sport and News Editor. It has truly been an amazing experience with unforgettable memories. I met the most amazing people and will always cherish my time at Perdeby. I will miss the crazy newsroom banter and the funny stories we encounter on almost a daily basis, but I won’t be too far away next year and foresee myself being chased out of the offices after constantly pitching up seeking the latest gossip. I also want to thank my journalists, fellow editors, Editor and Editor in Chief, all of whom made it worthwhile. I wish Perdeby all the success in the future, and I look forward, as ever, to the weekly shenanigans in Pssst…



Hendro van der Merwe

When I started at Perdeby, I never knew that I would become part of a family. The strangest people all caged up in one office to produce something majestic each week. As a day student, I was told by koshuis kids that I miss out on a lot, but I think that because of this student newspaper I experienced all that student life can offer. Becoming the Visuals Editor was my main goal at Perdeby, and I always thought that as an editor the fun would stop, but it seems that it only started. From a cripple on crutches hopping next to the rugby field trying to cover the Varsity Cup to following my predecessor in being a mentor to others, I think I can call this “Good game, well played”.



Keegan Schmidt

 Time flies when you’re having fun, huh? Perdeby has been like a second home to me. I’ve treasured every moment here, both the fun times and the stressful ones, because they have made me a better person and prepared me for what is to come. Being the first Multimedia Editor had its own unique challenges, and I am confident that the section will continue to grow into something amazing. I wish everyone the best of luck in exams, and keep reading Perdeby.



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