Courtney Gehle, chairperson of Greenline, mentioned in her address that Danie van Eeden from Wild Route was kind enough to sponsor half of the trees, while Greenline and the Department of Facilities Management sponsored the other half. She also thanked the SRC for sponsoring with lunch packs and water, and everyone else involved in planting the trees. After Gehle’s speech, the director of Facilities Management Prof. Susan Andendorff gave a brief history of Arbor Week and its origins.

Van Eeden challenged everyone present to collect seeds, soak them in water overnight and plant them on a bed of compost. He said that anyone could grow a tree in this manner and that we should all plant our own trees, come Arbor Week next year.

Greenline is a young society, having only officially registered as a University of Pretoria society in 2015.

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