The anonymous student added, “We just want a place where Muslim students can come together and enjoy Halaal food with their friends on [Hatfield] campus. Often we go with our friends to places on [Hatfield] campus but we are unable to eat”. He said that the inaccessibility to strictly Halaal food has been an issue for a while and he needed to take a step forward for the Muslim community on campus to communicate the woes they are facing.

The location of the Halaal food outlet has generally proven an inconvenience for Muslim students on Hatfield campus. The bridge to South campus has been demolished and the tightened security has caused the access to Halaal food to be a time-consuming task.

The chairperson of the Muslim Students Association, Saaif Essa Suliman, said that it is imperative that the issue of Halaal food on campus be dealt with as soon as possible. Suliman said, “I believe that since our country has become so diversified, it’s about time our university does so too. This is a world-renown university with a wide variety of international students from multiple cultures and backgrounds. Surely our university should be a platform for these students to study at, while also catering for their needs and making them as comfortable as possible.”

The petition currently has 300 signatures at the time of going to print.

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