Certain bars and pubs will close once their leases expire. In light of these changes Pieter Pretorius, general manager of Dropzone, has confirmed that they will be moving the location of the nightclub in the near future. According to Hatfield CID COO Danie Basson, newcomer to Hatfield Square T4 will not be affected by a decision made on the part of Redefine Properties since its premises belongs to a different owner. Amarie Coetzee, general manager of Aandklas, confirmed that Aandklas is privately owned and will also continue to operate where it is.

There has not been any further confirmation about the future development of Hatfield Square but Pieter Strydom, head of commercial and industrial for Redefine Properties, who are the current owners of Hatfield Square, had the following to say: “With regards to the leases, I can confirm that the current tenants leases will soon be expiring (as per the rental contracts that are in place) and we as the landlord have decided not [to] renew them for various business related reasons. I can also confirm that we are in the very early stages on deciding the future plans of building, however are not ready to disclose this information.”

There is confirmation from architecture firm TC Design Architecture that they are in discussion with UP with regards to the development of Hatfield Square. Alet Verster from TC Design Architecture confirmed that Redefine is also involved. No further information regarding this is currently available.

UP could not be reached in time for comment at the time of going to print.


Reader’s comments on the closing of Hatfield Square article:

Lunga Nyameni: “The worst thing to ever happen to students.”

Hopane Millicent, Trader at SABMiller: “The closing down of Hatfield Square is not just a sentimental issue it’s a matter of tradition!” “This generation will miss out, the cultural gap will be huge.” “Their experience of university life in Hatfield will be incomplete.”

Towela Munthali, University of Pretoria: “Where will we unwind? Pretty sure the number of drunk driving accidents will increase coz people will be driving further away for a drink as opposed to walking down to the sq. This is bananas.”

Mark Elliston: “This is good news. Hatfield Square is a joke…”

Hatfield Square. Photo: Hendro van der Merwe

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