Veteran 5FM DJ Rob Forbes was the MC and added a light-hearted feel to the night through his humour which kept the guests laughing. Live classic jazz songs were played, which added to the formal nature of the ceremony. The guests were also dazzled by the Katjiepiering Serenade group. The ladies performed to their very best and left spectators yearning for more.

Nerene Grobler, head of residence for Hatfield Studios, said, “The official opening was put in place so as to have a specific formal opening where the different stakeholders involved in Hatfield Studios could [meet] and have a formal start-off event.” The various stakeholders involved in Hatfield Studios include the university and the Feenstra Group, who the university is leasing the residence from.

Hatfield Studios is the biggest single student accommodation in the country with 976 rooms. Hatfield Studios seized the opportunity to display all of its best services as well as to show off its elegant design. The ceremony was a closed event, with a photo session of selected guests which ran concurrently with a social where guests were served wine and could interact with one another.

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