There is one fear almost everyone has: living a meaningless life that is forgotten quicker than saying supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Now before you put this paper down for fear of some existential rant, rest assured that this editorial isn’t running backwards down that dark path.

University life, however, can be one of the first places to truly hone your personality and leave traces of yourself behind, but not in a weird, masochistic kind of way. This is the place where lifelong friendships are formed and where you will (hopefully) discover your niche in life.

Your first year is very similar to being tipsy. You sort of flay around trying out things you’ve never done before. You meet new people (mostly because of a new alcohol-induced sense of bravado) and all the while you’re having the best time of your life, dancing on tables and experiencing the full extent of your new liberation. Sweetheart, if you don’t feel this way by the end of the year, then you didn’t do it right.

Take a hold of every opportunity that attracts your eye. Leave a legacy. Don’t be one of those students who remain a number on an exam paper. It doesn’t have to be huge. You don’t have to be SRC president or a Tuks FM DJ, but small things you do, whether it be with organisations on campus or with friends you make while you’re here, can also help you live on in stories that someone tells their grandchildren one day.

If you decide to grab university life and party the hell out of it, I can guarantee that you won’t be one of those sad souls who ask, “Don’t you miss high school?”

In the meantime, keep making one of the best decisions of your university career by reading Perdeby. This edition was specially compiled for you, as a new Tuks first year. The 2013 editorial started working on this edition last year and cut their holiday short to finish up and make sure that you are equipped with all you need to know. I would highlight a few things, but you should just do yourself a favour and read it all.

So enjoy the next few years, and remember the five ways to avoid death glares from seniors:

1. Move out of the queue after you have placed your order at Fego.

2. Don’t park your car like the Queen. One space is all you need.

3. Swipe your student card slowly but firmly at the turnstiles. Otherwise you might be the holdup when seniors need to get onto campus. You don’t want that. Trust me.

4. If you have to gather in large numbers to talk to each other, don’t do it where people are walking.

5. Don’t yell at your friend from the other side of the Piazza.

Oh, and one more thing. Welcome to Tuks.

Until next time.


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