For those who don’t know, what is Here We Go Events?

Here We Go Events is a small collaboration of organisers that are trying to put together as many quality Pokémon Go events as possible in order to just bolster the community … and we’re trying to get as many of the better event organisers together in order to ensure the best Pokémon Go events that we possibly can.


What is the vision for Here We Go Events?

We’re still very new, so we’re not exactly sure where we’re going quite yet, but we’re trying to foster the kind of thing where we can both have a very casual market and a competitive scene. And we’re working on a number of smaller initiatives in order to make the competitive scene more realised, but at this moment we are still at what we like to call the “beta testing” phase.


You’ve recently held your first event at the Pretoria Zoo. What made you choose the zoo?

Originally, when the game just came out, among the people [in] Pretoria it was already circulating that the zoo was a big hot spot for Pokéstops and gyms. Originally I just wanted to get some friends together to go with me to the zoo, and then the entire thing exploded into the event that we had.


What was your first thought when you saw the massive amount of people interested in your event?

Holy s**t. Honestly, when I woke up on Sunday morning after I posted it on Saturday and saw that we had over 200 people registered for the event I panicked because I had no idea what was going to happen.


What was the process like in organising everything?

So ridiculously hectic. There were nights where I was up until 04:00 and I would have to wake up at 08:00 to answer e-mails and take calls. Honestly, it was more hectic than finals week.


What was the most interesting or fun part of the event?

That was probably when I first started getting sponsors. I didn’t actually reach out for sponsors for the event. It was to be completely funded by me and be a very small competition just to get some people interested. It was very exciting seeing all the people just wanting to support the event.


Will Here We Go Events be holding other events in the near future?

We are already organising the first event with [the] Jo’burg Zoo, because we want to be able to include the people on that side of Gauteng as well. And then we’re looking at organising what we’re currently calling micro-events, which will be 15-30 people events, and that’s what the beta testing will be for as we [are] not exactly sure how that will work just yet.


How can Pokémon Go enthusiasts, or Pokémon trainers rather, stay up to date with news and events?

We’re constantly posting updates on the Facebook page Here We Go Events.


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