In your songs “Catcher in their eye” and “Sounds like the movies”, you use techniques such as pizzicato and double stops. Could you explain more about these techniques to those who are unfamiliar with them?

Both “Catcher in their eye” and “Sounds like the movies” were [part of] promo videos that I did for two awesome events. I wouldn’t call my plucking technique pizzicato as I do not do it the traditional way. It is more of a skill I have developed on my own. The double stop is when a violinist plays two notes at one time.


Was there any particular reason for the choice of these techniques in influencing your musical style?
Yes, it was something I developed from years of training, but I would not say there was a particular reason for it. It kind of just came to me. I refuse to be a boring violinist and I always want to try something new.


What was the recording process for The Fallacy of Composition like?
The recording process was great. I had loads of fun working with Rudi Greyvenstein at Velvet Underground. He is a great musician and producer to work with and we have been friends for a while, so it made the collaboration in the studio so much better.


How has the use of a loop station influenced your sound?
The loop station has played a major part in getting my thoughts and ideas across. I can write my own songs at home and I can really be free and experimental with my writing.


You’ve taken influences from many different styles such as jazz, African, rock, Spanish, and punk. How do you use these influences in your music?
I play what I feel and all my influences come out of me. It is really hard to describe how I use these influences. I do not really spend much time thinking about that. I focus more on just playing all that I have learned.


What has been the inspiration for the creation of the album?
Life, death, love, loss and proving to everyone that I am a great instrumentalist.


What has been the reaction to your album’s release so far?
I have had a great reaction to my album release. People really like it and I am proud of what they come up to me and tell me at shows after hearing the album.


What are you planning to do next with your music?
I am currently recording a new single called “See journey” and I am shooting a music video for it. My next album is going to show a dark side to my writing. I am an artist and I am always creating something special. There is never a “next” with my music, it is all on the same line and wavelength and I just have to flow with time.


Photo: Daniel Boshoff

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