Another highly anticipated game, Final Fantasy 15 from Square Enix, had a whole hour of new gameplay footage. This was a welcome sight for fans, as the recent delay of the game had fans of the series worried and upset. Blizzard unveiled a new map for their popular multiplayer game Overwatch called “Eichenwalde”. The map, like other Overwatch maps, ties in with the game’s lore and back-story. It was announced that Zarya, an Overwatch character, would become a playable character in their moba Heroes of the Storm. They also announced StarCraft-based maps and a StarCraft hero named Alarak to join the ranks of Overwatch. And finally, Blizzard announced a new co-op mode for StarCraft II.

Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall 2 promises to make right a number of things that went wrong with the first Titanfall. Unlike its predecessor, the sequel will have a fully-fledged offline single-player campaign, a feature which fans of the first game were asking for.

These standout announcements, both good and bad, from Gamescom 2016 promise an exciting gaming 

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