Perdeby spoke to Twins on Decks about their take on this season’s HomeComing Picnic. Ryan Rigney, one half of the duo, said, “This HomeComing was pretty epic. It’s our fourth one and it’s the biggest one we have ever seen. It is amazing – I hope I’m playing next time.”

MTV presenter Nomuzi Mabena said that there is a significance in parties as “They are the way that young people connect and exchange information. You meet people and it could lead to something greater such as a collaboration. It supports local industry and it promotes music.”

Top DJ Euphonik said that it was his first HomeComing Picnic. “I’ve heard about it but I’ve never had an opportunity to come and check it out. So as someone who is in the industry, who is interested in keeping my hand in the pulse of whatever is happening in the industry, I had to be here to check it out. It’s a great event – well pulled off, well attended. Big ups to the guys who pulled it off,” he said.

The night brought with it an impressive light display as the crowds danced the night away.

HomeComing Picnic was one of the highlights of the year’s social calendar and a fantastic way to meet an array of people from all over Gauteng while enjoying a picnic and being entertained by some of the best artists in the country. 


Photo: Eddie Mafa

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