This producer discovered his musical talents during his matric exam breaks. Flamingo is in his third year of mechanical engineering and makes time to follow his dream of being a successful producer. He tries to find his own niche in the electronic music scene, but closely associates with the deep house and progressive house genres. Flamingo publishes his work on SoundCloud under FlamingoMusic, showcasing original compositions as well as some enjoyable remixes.


Bin Linden

This third-year multimedia student started five years ago by producing house music at first, and from there gradually transitioned into electronic dance music (EDM). Linden, who also goes by Blobby Linden, dabbles in remixing popular songs to give them his own EDM twist. His brand is spread across many music sharing platforms and all of the links can be found on his SoundCloud page.



This 21-year-old international relations student started rapping at the age of ten. With over a decade of experience, he hopes to become a household name in rap. Drawing from established rappers such as AKA, Reason and J Cole, Aston aims to tell a story that his audience can relate to. He works with local producers to create original hard-hitting tracks. His work can be found on SoundCloud under Aston Hype, where you can also find links to download his work. If the current downloads are anything to go by, we may expect to see more of this rapper in the future.


Illustration: Jaco Stroebel

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