You and your squad can also do a group costume. Simple black hoodies and gloves will turn you into the Pretty Little Liars’ “A” Team. You can also embrace nostalgia by wearing your most fabulous pink 90s outfits, thus going as Regina George and her girlgang from Mean Girls.
And now, the guys. You can never go wrong by going as a hipster Where’s Waldo. All you need is a striped red shirt and black rimmed glasses, and off you go. You can also wear your favourite Flash or Green Lantern t-shirt and ask your girlfriend to dress up as Amy Farrah Fowler to pull off TV’s most adorkable couple. Another idea is to honour the fallen playboy, Hugh Heffner, by wearing a red robe with a pipe and sailor hat.
Now for the folks who relish in the terror Halloween offers. Cinemas can be pricy and the experience is often lacklustre compared to expectations, so instead you can do a movie marathon with friends, right in the comfort of your own home. Since there are many, many apt movies to choose from, enjoy this list of must-watch Halloween films that Perdeby compiled for your convenience.
Start things of on a comedic note with Gene Wilder’s iconic performance in Young Frankenstein (1974). The Addams Family (1991) also never fails to impress with their creepy kookiness. Allow yourself a little holiday spirit with Henry Selick’s A Nightmare Before Christmas (1993). You can start to turn up the spook with the freaky button eyes of Coraline’s (2009) “other” parents. Let the screams start with classic horrors like Halloween (1978), Friday the 13th (1980) or A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984). If blood and gore does not have you rocking back and forth in the corner, enjoy creatively thought provoking takes of the slasher film in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974) and Saw (2004). If you like your horror seasoned with some sci-fi 28 Days Later (2002) and Under Your Skin (2013) are just for you. Expand your horizon beyond Hollywood and appreciate South Korea’s well-balanced thriller-horror flick I Saw the Devil (2010). Of course Halloween would not be Halloween without watching at least one Stephen King film adaption. There are many strong contenders, but for this Halloween Perdeby recommends the recently released IT (2017), with Carrie (1976) coming in at a close second. Spend a bit more and go on over to your local cinema and see the much anticipated South African horror movie, Siembamba. However, the ultimate must-watch Halloween film for 2017 is The Babadook (2014). The film is brilliantly frightening, critically acclaimed and the perfect conclusion to a night of terror.
A movie marathon would be incomplete without some food to keep the jaws occupied. Popcorn is a definite must and with a tad of green colouring it will be Dr Frankenstein approved. For something sweet candy corn is always the way to go. Meringues with ghost faces will also be a great addition, alongside some bat and witch hat shaped cookies. Spaghetti can be an inexpensive and delicious way to feed many mouths. Adding some red food colouring to the pasta will definitely gore up the meal. Vanilla cupcakes with claw marks made with strawberry jam in the white icing will make for the perfect dessert.
Following our suggestions on how to Halloween, will ensure for a memorable night that will haunt you in the years to come.


Illustration: Siobhan Locker

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