The annual Ienk athletics event, which took place on 3 March, gave first-years the chance to show off their athletic skills. Due to load shedding, the event was held later this year than it was last year. This initiative by TuksAthletics, together with the Tuks Student Sports Committee (SSC), gives an opportunity for residence students to represent their respective teams for the prestigious title of Tuks Ienk athletics champions.

The event began at 16:00 and started off with the field events which included javelin, shot put, long jump and high jump. They continued throughout the night as the track events, which include sprints, long distance running, hurdles and relays, took place.

On the field competition was fierce with athletes ready to impress and represent their residences. Along with having fun and making their teams proud, some of the athletes gave good performances and impressed TuksAthletics with their ability. As always, the relays were the top event of the night and the res HKs finished the night off on a high note with a bit of friendly competition and excitement.

Vividus Ladies saw themselves on the winning podium for the athletics cup. TuksVillage took top honours for the men.

The spirit cup, which went to the most enthusiastic supporters on the pavilions, meant teams really started to compete later in the evening as the crowds increased significantly. The competition was tight but the spirit cup went to Jasmyn for the ladies, who also impressed on the tracks, while Kiaat took the title for the men.

Maria van der Merwe from Campus Leagues and Recreational Sport, who was also part of the organising team for the event, said that “As always, the Tuks Athletics students made sure we had many breathtaking events on the night. Each athlete that participated enjoyed the night thoroughly and gave everything they had for their residence. The spectators on the pavilions entertained us with their songs and war cries.”

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