Are your new players ready to go?
We are happy with all our new players, they’re important and they have integrated themselves well with the rest of the squad and they are showing their value already at the training sessions and during some of the friendly matches we’ve played. We are excited about our new signings and the positive impact they will have for us.

What does this season look like for you?
It’s a tough league. It is challenging just being in the league but I think we had a bit of consolidation the last two seasons. We’ve kept [the] majority of our squad, we’ve got the year extra experience and we are starting more solid from day one. We are hoping for a very good season and [are] definitely looking forward to making an impact once again as we did in our first season. Yeah, we are good to go.

Are there any challenges you are facing as a team?
No, we don’t really have any challenges. One of our challenges is obviously to keep our players fresh and injury-free. We’ve got a couple of key players and we always have to make sure that we [keep] the squad from injuries, so if we have the majority of our squad on most occasions then we won’t have any problems, so that is basically the challenge that we have. We also lost Buhle Mkhwanazi, who was a big player for us last season, so we are challenged but we believe we have signed players that can come in and do the job that we had done last season.

Which players should we look out for this season?
As a squad we have all rounds of abilities, looking for players such as Geoffrey Massa, he had a big impact for us in terms of goal scoring. Washington Arubi, I think, is one of the best goalkeepers in the league. There’s a lot of exciting youngsters in and around the team that one can look out for.



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