To you, how does the sound and style of Crawling King Snake differ from that of Taxi Violence?
CKS is rooted in the old swamp blues and gospel sounds of yester-year but with a modern twist. A lot of younger people don’t identify with the old blues stuff so I thought I’d spruce it up a little to introduce a younger audience to an old genre yet not alienating the older generation. The lyrical content is also deals with a broader spectrum of subjects. 
(Swamp blues is a laid-back, slow tempo, and generally more rhythmic variation of Louisiana blues, that incorporates influences from New Orleans blues, zydeco, soul music and Cajun music.)
Taxi Violence is good, old fashioned rock’ n roll and has a much harder edge to it but with far deeper dynamics and undertones and is also a lot more personal in nature when it comes to lyrics. 


Your first single, “Land of the blind,” is available for free download. Why did you decided to release this song for free?
In this day and age it’s much harder to make a name for yourself (or a new group) with so much to choose from, even for someone like me that has been in the business for nearly 15 years. Giving the track away for free allows people the freedom to download it if they like it without having to um and ah on whether or not they want to buy it, especially as I’m still building the ‘brand’. Artists make hardly any money from downloads these days and most of your revenue comes from live shows and merchandise. 


The single is social commentary on how people around the globe are always connected to their phones and their devices. Given this message, what is your stance on social media as an artist starting a new musical project?
Well, seeing as that is the way things are, the social media platform is the best way to market yourself. The days of print media is over but there are still guerrilla tactics to explore. Hopefully people will be glued to my music from their phones in that way. That being said, it’s sad to see so many people experiencing life from a pocket computer instead of going out there and living their lives. It’s in the same vain as saying ‘ Collect experiences, not things.’

The music video is shot in black and white, and is described as “tastefully sexy.” What was the decision process that led to the video being shot in this style?

It’s a funny story really. A jewellery company (House of Kallie) needed a backtrack for one of their promo videos shot by Loedi van Renen (Kill City Pictures) and so I gave them the track in exchange for being able to use the location and video equipment free of charge. The models were already on set and the director had a basic idea of what he wanted to shoot. The rest I literally had to make up on the spot, so I used the opportunity to make something ‘sexy’ to grab attention as a first release (sex sells I suppose). The James Bond kind of silhouette scenes were then shot on another day on a closed set as the model had to be stark naked so no bikini or bra lines could be seen. She was a real trooper.


This single, as well as other upcoming singles are leading up to the release of Crawling King Snake’s debut EP, The Gospel According George. Is there a release date for this EP, and what can fans expect from this EP?

The plan for CKS is to release singles up until the point where I feel I am ready to release the EP, which is planned for early next year at which point I will also do my first live shows. I want to build the brand to a point where people are really excited to see the first performances, instead of just bombarding people with content that will be listened to for two weeks and then people move on (short attention span). I’d like to leave some surprises when they see me live and it’s something to look forward to. At least, that is the idea, whether it will work is another question. The rest of the EP will be much in the same vain but each with its unique features. The live performances will also feature a full band.


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