When talking to Perdeby, SRC secretary Donovan du Plooy, SRC treasurer Nomtha Gobe, and SRC member with the portfolio of media, marketing and communications Nombungcwele Mbem confirmed Menziwa’s suspension. When asked about the matter, Du Plooy said that the disciplinary committee was not a “new thing” and that it had first met in March this year. He went on to say that the committee was established through the SRC Code of Conduct and not the CSG. According to Du Plooy, the committee is chaired by him and consists of the head of student governance, Mzikazi Noholoza, Gobe, and Pieter Scribante, the SRC member for student culture.



Rasethaba’s Facebook comment. Image: SRC Facebook page


SRC statement about the origin on the internal discipline committee. Image: SRC Facebook page


Constitutional Tribunal Amendments

Further irregularities arose when the question of certain student structures’ constitutional amendments was raised.

The Constitutional Tribunal submitted amendments to their own constitution in March this year. These amendments were, in their greater part, rejected by the SRC. According to Du Plooy, Gobe and Mbem, the SRC met to discuss the amendments, but no consensus was reached. It was then decided that Shingange would continue to communicate the matter of the amendments to the Tribunal, but that no final decision was made by the SRC on these amendments. 

According to sections 28 and 29 of the CSG, the SRC must reach consensus with regard to approving or rejecting amendments to a society’s constitution.

If the SRC did not reach consensus, then the matter must be carried over to the next meeting. If consensus is not reached, then a decision is taken by vote whereby a simple majority is required.

Furthermore, according to Du Plooy, the SRC has only had three meetings this semester in which quorum was met and the SRC was able to take decisions relating to governance. All other meetings and attempts to hold meetings were dissolved as not enough SRC members had attended the meetings.


Perdeby amendments

In August, Perdeby also submitted amendments to its constitution to the SRC for approval. In official communication to Perdeby, Shingange said that the SRC had decided to reject these amendments, citing several incompatibilities with the CSG.

However, according to Du Plooy, Gobe, Mbem, and two other SRC members who did not wish to be named, the SRC had never met to discuss the amendments to Perdeby’s constitution, and no decision was ever made about the amendments. Instead, Gobe explained that Shingange had met with her and Dr Madiba in which it was advised that the amendments be rejected. According to Shingange, however, he met with Du Plooy and several “other stakeholders” before communicating the rejection of the amendments to Perdeby.

When Perdeby took the matter further with Shingange, he alleged that the SRC executive, which is comprised of himself, Du Plooy and Gobe, had discussed the matter and had decided to reject the amendments and had still not taken the matter to the rest of the SRC. This was not made clear in communication with Perdeby, as Shingange had initially said that the SRC had decided to reject the amendments in question. 


Shingange’s corresponce with Perdeby.


Student Forum

According to section 41 (2) (a), the student forum must meet quarterly to recieve reports from the president of the SRC, as per Section 23(2)(b)(iii) and (iv).

To date only one student forum has been held this year. Furthermore, no invitations to Student Forum have been sent out to the general student body or to the Editor or any staff member of Perdeby as per Section 41(2)(c).

Perdeby then requested the meeting minutes of all SRC meetings this semester, as none have been published on the SRC website, as mandated by section 28 of the CSG. According to the CSG, these minutes must be made available to the public and on request. Mbem had accepted responsibility for not uploading the minutes due to “personal issues”.

At the time of going to print, the minutes still had not been uploaded.


Section 41 of the CSG.


 The SRC meeting minutes page on the UP website.

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