Articles are written by journalists. Journalists research and report on stories and aim to write these stories in an objective, balanced and fair way. Advertisements are sent to newspapers, or commercial radio stations and websites. They are not objective and are generally trying to entice you to buy their product or service.

If an advertisement appears in Perdeby it does not mean that we know anything more about that product, or that we believe in the values and views of a certain organisation that advertises in our paper. Just like MNet might not think that Wimpy is the best place to eat breakfast, Perdeby might not believe in the advertisements that are printed in our paper.

Advertisements, however, are important. The money we get from them allows us to pay our printing fees, and so enables the paper to be published every week. But I felt that it was important to mention this. I never thought that I would have to explain this, but there you go.

The other important thing that I want to discuss this week is Oppikoppi.

Oppikoppi is the Mecca for students who love music, or for students who are after the festival experience. The allure of a music-filled, dust-covered long weekend is difficult to resist. I love how there is no judgement there. It’s Oppi. Go do what you want. Listen to the bands, or settle yourself on the grass with a luke-warm beer, or hire their Beer drone. It should bring you cold beer. Whatever you decide, just know that the only thing you have to do is to respond shouts of “Oppi” with the appropriate response, “koppi”.

Perdeby has a map of the entertainment area on page 8 and a full lineup on page 9 for those fellow Oppikoppi goers. We have placed it on a double spread. Just pull it out of the paper and stuff it into your pocket. That way you can find your way around Oppi and ensure that you do not miss any bands that you really want to see. Perdeby will be tweeting from the festival and releasing sneak-previews of the content we have planned for our Oppi edition for those students who cannot join us at Mecca.

Other content this week includes our own exposé into Tuks Confessions on page . If we did not have the minor obligation of studying every now and then, this would have been brought to you during exam time, but seeing that the fad has not entirely died down we felt the in-depth look into the confession page worthwhile.

There will be no edition next week, and Daily Roundup is also going to be taking a break. But our next edition will be available on 19 August and Daily Roundup will be back on 12 August.

We are busy going through the quality surveys our team is handing out. I want to thank everyone who has filled out a survey. This way we can try and cater to a wider audience, and truly become a newspaper for Tuks students.

See you at Oppi,


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