Curtis told us, “If you listen you’ll fly, if you don’t you’ll fall.” This happened a lot and the lesson was learnt the hard way. The first few times you try to lift up out of the water are hard, although some people get it right the first time, but within minutes you are flying and falling. It is an adrenaline-filled, fast-paced experience that leaves participants smiling.

Nicholas adds, “We have a 100% flying rate, we haven’t had anybody who hasn’t been in the air.” Having all the control makes the experience even better and allows the rider to steer where the bike goes, how high and how often you fall.

The Geils brothers run Jetovator Witbank Dam over the weekend from Barham Bay Lodge (formerly known as Steve’s Place). The lodge is on the bank of the dam and also has a pool, bar, shop and braai area. There is also accommodation available at the lodge. They provide a whole day experience where people can braai, spend the day with the Jetovator Witbank Dam team and enjoy the resort facilities. The brothers bought the franchise in January this year and started running the business in February. Curtis told Perdeby that they are planning to, “Take to [the] Witbank skies one flight at a time.”

Chris Hersov, who also tried out the Jetovator, said it was, “Really cool and a lot easier than I thought. Even a 50-year-old can get on and have a jol.”

Those interested can book in advance to ride the Jetovator. It costs R750 per person for a 30-minute ride, but group specials and discounts are available. More information about the Jetovator Witbank Dam is available on their Facebook page Jetovator Witbank Dam.

Photo: Brad Donald

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