UP students who are in their first to final year of study and are a part of the JuniorTukkie society are invited to go on the camp. Isaacs said that the camp is “filled with fun, and connecting the students while they are taught leadership values as well as how to structure the organisation as well as putting ideas together on how to take it forward.”

At this year’s camp, students were mentored on entrepreneurship with the aim of ensuring that they have an added skill after they have graduated from UP. Second-year BA student Tintswalo Mathe attended her first JuniorTukkie Enrichment Camp and said that, “The camp was holistically enlightening. We learnt on so many levels, academic, social and economic.” She encourages other students to join JuniorTukkie and to go on the camps.
JuniorTukkie coordinator Petrus Lombard agreed and said that the camp was a success and that they are growing every year and that students are learning from them. “Our aim was to teach the society to be self-efficient, to have fun while learning how to run the society. They have improved, they now do things in their own way and take responsibility and make sure things are done,” Lombard said.

He added that he would like the society to grow even bigger. “The students that we empower now must end up tutoring the other students who will join the society by being JuniorTukkie Alumni and/or ambassadors in order to ensure that JuniorTukkie is spread all over campus.” Lombard believes that this can be achieved by merging JuniorTukkie with other societies on campus as well as by adding more work to the Mandela Day, Hope Starts in Hatfield and Bins of Hope community projects that they do and finding more projects to be involved in.

Isaacs would also like to see JuniorTukkie grow adding that he is excited that international students have started joining JuniorTukkie as he believes this will help with the plan to expand to other countries. “Only their [students’] imagination will guard how far they can take the society, we are willing to help out as much as we can,” he said.

Photo: Eddie Mafa

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