Leanne Cumming
Features editor

1. Go to Orientation. You may be thinking “I’ve already had a campus tour” but the faster you learn your way around campus, the more at ease you will feel. Orientation is also a great way to meet new people and make great friends.Don’t ask seniors for directions. They will point you in the wrong direction.

2. The Look Out in the Klapperkop Reserve by Johann Rissik. You will witness breath taking views of the Jacaranda City in spring and spectacular sunsets and city lights at dusk.

3. Spring Day. Held in the beginning of September, there is great music and the university literally gives you a day off to party. It couldn’t get better than that.

4. Until you have skipped a lecture to have a drink at Oom Gert’s or to chill on the grass with friends.

5. The Botanical Gardens. Not only is it beautiful but it’s a great place to clear your head and get away from the busy varsity crowds. I’m not telling you where it is, go find it.

6. An outfit for every season. In Pretoria you may experience Antarctica and the Namib Desert in one day.

Marko Svicevic
Web editor

1. Do read Perdeby and do get involved in student life. Join a student body, whether it’s the Wine Tasting Society, Tuks FM or even Perdeby, being part of a student organisation really enhances your experience of varsity life. Don’t ask seniors for directions and don’t skip too many classes, it will only end up hurting you in the end.

2. Aandklas, obviously. It’s where memories are made, friendships are formed and livers are destroyed.

3. Oppikoppi, Ramfest, Rag, Spring Day, Park Acoustics … am I forgetting something? Go to all of them!

4. You’ve tripped on the sidewalk, stairs or even just a flat surface. It’s going to happen sooner than you think and don’t try and act cool when it does: no one looks cool tripping.

5. The original Mapungubwe golden rhino housed in the Old Arts Building. Also, Sci-enza, it’s a student’s getaway.

6. A phone charger, an endless supply of caffeine and a few good friends. A map of the university is also highly advisable.

Keegan Schmidt
Multimedia editor

1. Do keep up with campus events and news so that you don’t have to worry about missing out. Don’t go out the night before an exam. Trust me, it never ends well.

2. Definitely Aandklas, no question. Where else can you find the Perdeby staff after a hard day’s work? Plus watching everyone start head banging to Tenacious D for the glory of metal is a sight to behold.

3. Every year someone mentions Oppikoppi, and with good reason. But personally I’d rather rock the NAG LAN at rAge, not that you can’t do both.

4. Until you’ve gotten drunk on campus in the middle of the afternoon. Don’t judge me, I’ll see you at OG’s in second semester.

5. If you’re feeling up for a trek to the engineering building, you’ll be well rewarded with some of the best muffins on campus.

6. A large coffee mug.

Elmarie Kruger
Entertainment editor

1. Do try the subs at Varsity Bakery. They’re both cheap and delicious. Don’t have too many of them. First-year spread is not a myth.

2. Bravo Pizzeria. Their relaxed interior and majestic Italian Stallion pizza are essential to your very existence.

3. As Entertainment editor, I’m obliged to tell you to go to Oppikoppi. Once you’ve been there, you’ll realize that Oppi is real life and everything in-between is just fantasy.

4. You’ve injured your foot on campus because of the loose bricks hidden everywhere.

5. Does anyone actually use those demarcated jogging paths on campus?

6. An endless supply of socks, plastic bags and stationary. You’ll thank me later.


Herman Hoogenboezem
Head Copy editor

1. Do talk to strangers. Varsity friends are friends for life. Don’t walk slowly in large groups. This attracts the anger of seniors who have more problems than you do.

2. Bravo Pizzeria. Their hot sauce is addictive and will complete you.

3. Oppikoppi. Go, be dirty, party your face off, and buy me a drink when you see me.

4. Have I mentioned Oppikoppi? Also, find a reason to pull an all-nighter on campus. Not the most pleasant of tasks, but campus is a very strange place late at night.

5. The South campus cafeteria sells some of the best jaffles you will ever taste.

6. A budget. Seriously guys, plan your spending lest you end up with too much month left at the end of your money.


Nikita Mokgware
Layout editor

1. Do abuse the Tuks WiFi. Don’t cry that Square is closing, there are other places to chill.

2. Varsity Bakery is a must-visit! It’s opposite the boy’s residences and it’s priced so reasonably for amazing food. Also, +27 Café. It’s a beautiful café situated at the corner of South and Jan Shoba. It serves fresh food and the best milkshakes and it’s got WiFi!

3. The lunchtime concerts at the Musion are definitely worthy of anyone’s time. Go there for great fun and entertainment excellence.

4. Until you get stuck in a turnstile.

5. You’ll find out soon enough, young grasshoppers.

6. Every first year needs a friend in res for some of that kloostersaal food, yum yum.


Michael Bongani Reinders
News editor

1. Do go out with your friends. Don’t neglect your studies (otherwise you won’t be able to go out with your friends).

2. Go to Aroma and have their Nutella ice cream. Your life will never be the same.

3. Oppikoppi. It is crazy and filled with fun: an amazing adventure. Every student has to experience it.

4. You pitch up to class straight from Square in the clothes you wore out.

5. The botanical gardens on campus.

6. Caffeine.



Hendro van der Merwe
Visuals editor

1. Do be part of a social community, explore campus, eat frozen yogurt at Campus Kiosk. Don’t stare into campus pigeons eyes, make the self-employed “car guards” angry, or drink yourself into a police cell.

2. Eat at Bravo Pizzeria and have a dance on Aandklas’s tables.

3. Gigs at Arcade Empire, Ramfest and Oppikoppi.

4. You aren’t a Tuks student until you’ve eaten chips at Oom Gert’s.

5. The haunted HSB is the best kept secret.

6. A sense of humour.


Simphiwe Nhlabathi
Sport editor

1. A big do: remember where you come from. It’s going to be the only thing keeping you grounded. Don’t lose yourself in the process of finding yourself. Let him who have ears hear.

2. Weekend market in the plaza. Great cheap things that you will like.

3. Lentedag. It was one of the most memorable days so far in my life.

4. You have failed a module.

5. The botanical gardens. Thank me when you find them.

6. A good mate. When times are tough, friends are few.

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