The album mellows with the next two tracks, “Dive (into the deep end)” and “Dancing”. Here the guitar and synths stand out with well-constructed melodies and counter-melodies. “Dancing” also takes the album’s lyrics in a more positive direction. “Let’s go dancing in the darkness / We can be free / We can take all of our guards down and disappear” is an idea far from the theme of “I’ve been bad”.

The positivity in the lyrics isn’t continued in the next track “Does God love me?” but this is masked by the excessively catchy chorus and upbeat tempo. This sound is perpetuated in “Goodbye”, which is typically rock, embracing bold drums and guitar riffs.

The album’s title track rounds off the original tracks on the album. A stripped down version of “Knuckles” and “Dive” are included on the album that once again reinforce Zebra & Giraffe’s songwriting ability by focusing on the sparse instrumentation and the lyrics.

Knuckles sees Zebra & Giraffe’s sound mature. Noise is no longer needed to mask repetitive lyric themes as each song takes on its own unique character of skilful melodies and measured lyrics. The band’s sound is less haunted making way for a refreshing yet catchy sound. This positivity makes listening to the album easy and enjoyable. Knuckles is a solid offering that will no doubt build on the band’s success. 


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