Refilwe Mofokeng and Mbali Mkhithi

Law House has organised a book drive to assists students who are unable to afford textbooks. The committee has been collecting books from students and lecturers since the end of the 2017 exam season. According to the Law House Executive Committee member, Andrea Weidemah, a box was left at the Law Library for students to donate the textbooks they no longer use, including textbooks from previous editions that are still relevant in the curriculum.

The Law House have madea R15 000 pledge to buy books from Bookmark and the rest of the books will be donated by students and bythe Deputy Dean of the Faculty Law, Prof. Anton Kok.

The books will be available in the Merensky II Library. Textbooks that are used in the current syllabus can be accessed from the reserved section and those of older editions will be in the open section. The committee decided to place the books in the Merensky Library instead of the Law Library because of Merensky’s longer trading hours, the availability of a 24 hours study centre and because Merensky II opens on Sundays, and for longer hours during the exam season. According to Law House chairperson, Romario Roman, “Law House has also been [in] constant negotiation for the extension of the Law Library operating hours, however, there was no staff available to work these hours, therefore, we have decided to give extra resources to the Merensky Library…”

Students from all years of study are encouraged to support the initiative by donating textbooks that they are currently not using to the Law library where they will be taken to the Merensky II Library as soon as their target is met. Law House aims to ensure sustainability. The Law House Secretary, Rorisang Moloi, said, “We are hoping to start a legacy for all Law House EC’s to continue.” “As chairperson the idea of having a book drive has been expressed by Law House in many previous terms, however the idea did not materialise because of logistical reason[s]. Therefore this launch of the book drive is a major accomplishment for Law House,” said Roman. The book drive will run throughout the year.


Photo: Michael Ridge

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