What were we actually allowed to do on Spring Day?

After all the controversy surrounding Spring Day at UP, we couldn’t help jotting down a list of activities that we were allowed to take part in on Spring Day. Call it Spring Day nostalgia or just sad memories of sad people with sad lives. Either way, the day proved that students don’t need a licence to have fun. So next time your plans are ruined, just refer to this list.

Engage in non-alcoholic drinking games such as Coke-pong, fruit juice-funnelling and water-cooler stand.

Brainstorm ideas on how to make all the money we would have made from pre-Spring Day parties.

Raise awareness for Winter Day, Summer Day and Autumn Day.

Go to the Rag Farm party. Oh, wait. That was cancelled too.

Teach the university how to get a liquor licence.

Study, because what is Spring Day without a semester test the next day?

Get strip-searched on the way to res. Heaven forbid we poison a perfectly university-friendly braai with beer.

Nurse the hangover that never was. Okay, the hangover that should have been cheaper.

Use the “I’m protesting” excuse to overdo it in the Square.

Take bets on how long it will take the university to cancel Spring Day altogether.

Start a petition with our favourite political party on it and claim to be able to save traditions.

Find out what it’s really like to be an engineering student (no parties to go to).

Find out what it’s really like to be a BA student (all this time and nothing to do).

Contemplate going to another university.Cape Townpeople are annoying, but at least they have their act together.

Image: JP Nathrass

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