Ladies residences

First years: Bugsters
Mascot: A ladybug named Libby
Colour: Blue and white

First years: Geitjies
Mascot: A gecko named Apatili
Colour: Turquoise

First years: Pixies
Mascot: A fairy called Tinkerbell
Colour: Orange

First year: Kloekies
Mascot: A chicken named Gullas
Colour: Gold

First year: Sterretjies
Mascot: A giraffe named Giraster
Colour: Blue

First years: Jarre
Mascot: A unicorn
Colour: Purple

First year: Slurpies
Mascot: An elephant named Nymsaj
Colour: Red

First year: Skerwe
Mascot: A cat named Ogies
Colour: Maroon

First year: Welpies
Mascot: Two lions called Cleo and Patra
Colour: Yellow

First year: Knolle
Mascot: A cat named Charisma
Colour: Green

First year: Spikkels
Mascot: A girl called Maer Grietjie
Colour: Pink

First year: Spriete
Mascot: A harlequin called Nika
Colour: Blue


Mens residences

First years: Cubs
Mascot: A tiger named Oats
Colour: Black and yellow

First year: Kuikens
Mascot: A falcon named Mercury
Colour: Maroon

First year: Ysters
Mascot: The Eiffel tower
Colour: Navy blue

First year: Vremies
Mascot: A man named Sarge Bourke
Colour: Black and white

First year: Jarre
Mascot: A maroela fruit named Marools
Colour: Orange and black

First year: Peppies
Mascot: A worm named El Torro
Colour: Light blue

First year: Jarre
Mascot: A rhino named Rodney
Colour: Grey, black, white and red

First year: Brakke
Mascot: A dog named Oupa Rokkit
Colour: Red

First year: Ienk
Mascot: A man named Garibaldi
Colour: Navy blue


Mixed first year residences

Tuks Naledi
First year: Speckles
Mascot: Speckie
Colour: Beige

Day houses

Vividus Men
First Year: Nergies
Mascot: Vividus Men don’t have a mascot because they can’t put all their values into one thing.
Colour: Navy blue, white and black.

Vividus Ladies
First Year: Nitas
Mascot: A phoenix called Lady Aspiros
Colour: Light blue, black, white and silver

First Year: Lightweights
Mascot: Griffin
Colour: Red, black and gold


Staying at a private accommodation does not necessarily shut you out from partaking in these activities but it merely means that you have to be part of a certain day house to have the opportunity to engage in them. Vividus Men, Vividus Ladies and Luminous are all great options. Day houses are a superb way to meet other students and will ensure that you get to experience socials and events. The traditional activities that residences engage in are:


An event hosted in Welcoming week in which first-years compete against one another by singing and dancing. Each performance runs in accordance to a theme chosen by the residence.


Reach Out and Give (RAG)
RAG is about the less fortunate and raising funds for charity. In the beginning of the year each ladies residences is paired up with a mens residence to build a float. These floats are paraded for the public and later dismantled to form part of the residence’s individual charity initiatives.


This is an acapella singing competition between the residences. Only 20 people are chosen to represent their residence in serenade. The performance revolves around a theme choesn by the vocal group.


This performance includes singing and dancing according to a theme chosen by the residence. There are two nights of prelims, one for the ladies and the other for the men, during which residences rotate from venue to venue in order to be judged. Finalists are then chosen to perform at the finals.


Photos: Kirsty Mackay

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