Do Trust Your Gut
If the human instincts that have kept our species alive for millennia are telling you to GTFO, there’s probably a reason. Survey your surrounds and take care of yourself. Note: this gut instinct is the same one telling you a compulsory module is going be boring but don’t act on that urge to flee.


Don’t Get Cocky

Being confident you can find a building you’ve visited once is admirable, but is no guarantee for success. Take it from Kendrick and don’t be afraid to sit down, be humble, and take a look at the Campus Map or Google Maps. This also applies to looking at your timetable.


Don’t Get Sick
Being ill at university is a terrible and valuable experience because you realise exactly how little the adult world cares about your poorly self. Avoid this by monitoring your health and taking prevention measures if you can feel yourself coming down with something.


Do Get Help When You Get Sick
The human body will fall prey to weakness. Be proactive when illness strikes by prioritizing recovery so that it doesn’t keep you down for longer. Make sure to visit the University’s Student Health Services which is available on most campuses.


Don’t Make It Rain
Money is a finite resource. This step into adulthood is not one that has to be costly. Turn down things you don’t need, your future self will appreciate it.


Do Drink Water
Yes, desperately original, but so important. It will keep you healthier, comfortable, and teach you very quickly which public bathrooms you never want to go into again.


Do Bring a Jacket
Now is the time to be prepared. There is no such thing as bad weather only poor outfit choices. Also lecture halls like the Thuto building can be freakishly cold.


Don’t Wear Those Uncomfortable Shoes
If you know you are about to do a lot of walking do NOT wear those shoes you haven’t broken in or hate wearing for an extended period. Blisters are the devil’s work, so it’s the devil talking when you think you should make a bad footwear decision.


Do Live Your Best Life
…and don’t let yourself down. University will present you with opportunities to flourish, only if you take them and work hard.


Image: Rhodeen Davies

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