Initially, LonelyGirl15 seemed like an ordinary YouTuber, but soon The Order, a cult-like secret society, moulded into an increasingly bizarre story line. The videos showcase drama with occasional comedy and even action sequences, while also traversing the complicated stages of adolescence. The channel also invited input from the audience, often using their help to unravel clues and give them warnings about impending danger.

With its growing following, fans started collaborating on the show’s website, discussing in depth questions about each video to try and figure out where Bree was, why she was being perused by The Order, and most importantly, who LonelyGirl15 was.

Eventually, after running for almost six months, a sting operation by reporters found that the show was fictional, with actress Jessica Lee Rose portraying the bubbly and quirky teenage girl. The channel continued to gain a following and over the next five years the LonelyGirl15 universe began to unfold in LG15: The Resistance, and in four spin-off series: KateModern, N1ckola, LG15: The Last, and LG15: Outbreak.

The original series ended in 2008, with the spin-offs continuing until 2010. However, on the ten year anniversary of the series, the channel posted a new video setting up the premise for a new series. After the revelation about her “trait positive” blood needed by The Order, Bree disappeared at the end of season one, but it seems that Bree was able to survive and escape The Order, or possibly join it, for the start of the new series.


Photo: Kaylyn O’Brien

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