Alternative rock band Lostprophets has returned with their fifth studio album, Weapons.  Doused with pop influences, the Welsh sextet’s latest offering does little to veer away from the generic, making it a rather forgettable listening experience.

The first track, “Bring ‘Em Down”, is one of the album’s finest. Repetitive guitar riffs, distinctive background synths and a catchy chorus give the song its anthemic feel. The remarkable guitar riff towards the end makes it noticeable among a collection of otherwise ordinary songs. 

Another stand-out track is “If You Bring A Gun, We’ll Bring An Arsenal”. Making good use of a group chorus, it’s one of those annoyingly memorable songs that stick in your head for a week after you’ve listened to it. This track is another fist-pumping anthem that Lostprophets are able to pull off quite admirably and it will probably translate well onto a live stage. 

“Better Off Dead” sees lead singer Ian Watkins rapping, an unusual experiment for Lostprophets.

“Heart On Loan” is one of the slower songs on the album. Its emphatic chorus is noteworthy but the track will be remembered more as a failed attempt than a praiseworthy ballad.

“Jesus Walks” is easily the most mainstream pop song on Weapons, and unapologetically so. It’s not that this pop-punk influence is necessarily a bad thing. Rather, it is Lostprophets’ unoriginal rendering of this genre that makes the song – and the album in general – unpalatable and irritating. 

Lostprophets’s heavily distorted guitar, addictive choruses and the passion with which they play is, sadly, not enough to redeem Weapons and the lyrics, which are laced with teenage angst and iconoclasm, have been exhausted by bands before them.

Having said this, the band has been creating music for 12 years now. To be able to do this they must have a substantial following, most likely a generation of angry teens, tripping over their fringes while dipping their toes in the waters of superficial rebellion.

Rating: 4/10



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