Amina Thula is a female South African author who enjoys writing about African love stories. Her work shines a light on strong African females, in South Africa specifically, who find true love and happiness. Love Next Door is her second book, after Elevator Kiss. Love Next Door is written in the first person persona with many monologues of Abby’s thoughts and inner workings. Thula incorporates into this story unexpected twists and heart-wrenching turns that are able to keep readers captivated and wanting to read further.

The characters are authentic and relatable as this story is set in a typical South African context. The story unravels with a slow pace for the majority of the book and near the end escalates just enough to keep the reader intrigued until the end of the book. With a total of 147 pages, this short novel only leaves the reader wanting more. Well-written and with a strong storyline, Love Next Door is a good read for any romantic looking for a break in their day.


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