As mentioned before, you guys are new to the band. What do you think you bring to the band’s sound?

[Each] person has their own skill set and it was necessary for them to bring in the other guys’ [skills] because there are so many instruments on the new album. We wanted to stay away from using any backtracks, so everything you hear when we play is live and made there. That’s what we try to do – keep the music pure.


Was it intimidating for the four newer members to come into the band?

We’ve known Gavin and Richard for about ten years now, so it was pretty easy for us to adjust.


How has producing for other artists influenced your own sound?

Gavin and Rich [Oldfield] have been producing for about two years. They [had] some rough ideas and brought [them] to the rest of us at High Seas Studios and we just helped fix it up and get it to the point where it is now.


Who was your favourite Oppikoppi act this year?

Definitely Brand New, and after them it’s Shortstraw.


Where are you guys planning on playing after Oppikoppi?

We haven’t got anything booked yet. We [had Oppikoppi] on the calendar about two or three months ago, so we’ve just been focusing all our energy on this because this is our first gig as a complete band.


Photo: Shen Scott

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