According to the band, the album is themed around the transition into adulthood. It explores the adventure of life and the feelings that people will have throughout it. The album touches on love, nostalgia and life’s failures and successes. The band’s sound is refreshingly simplistic, although not unskilled, with the vocals carrying the weight of their music.

The opening track of the album, “Sure as hell”, is a perfect sample of what the band is capable of as it showcases the skills of all the members. They further show their range with more upbeat songs such as “So much more”, and the slower, more emotional song “Roses”, which explores the unpredictable nature of love. One of the band’s more popular songs is “The tallest tree” with almost 8000 plays on SoundCloud. “The tallest tree” is a song about childhood, lessons we learn as children and how fast time goes by. Most people will connect to this song, so it is no surprise that it is so popular. The album ends with the title track “To the adventure” and it is a good round-up of the album as it discusses the roundabout nature of life.

Lunatic Wolf is made up of members Gavin van den Berg (vocals, producer), Richard Oldfield (piano), Jacques du Plessis (keyboard, producer), Gavin Flaks (drums), Adrian Erasmus (guitar) and David Grevler (bass). Du Plessis has also worked with other South African bands such as Shortstraw and Desmond and the Tutus. The band has been featured and interviewed on radio stations and their fan base has been growing rapidly. With such a well-balanced debut under their belt, it’s easy to see why.



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