Cobus Terblanche, prime minister and minister of community engagement of Olienhout, said that they are pleased to give back to the community. “We saw the need in this community and would like to do something that will be substantial,” Terblanche said.

The MadRepublicans had their work set out for them. They painted the school, fixed jungle gyms, planted trees and built a new roof for shading.

“We were scrutinised by using too much blommetjies in our float by the other residences but the plastic from the blommetjies will be used as form of isolation in the walls of both the school and church,” Anri de Lange Rag HK from Madelief said.

Belinda Kelly, primaria of Madelief said, “We wanted to do something sustainable for this community. And we are leaving our mark.”

State president of Olienhout Phil Grabe said, “Rag was established to change things. This will help the community in tremendous ways and holds a lot of good for the future.”

Photo: Tahnee Otto

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