How often do MTG games happen?

Chetty: Our MTG sessions happen every Thursday at the [Graduate Centre]. These sessions start at 17:30 and end at 19:30 [or] 20:30, depending on the attendance.


What sort of prizes, if any, are there for the winners of a game?

Snyman: Tuks Gaming sets aside money each semester in order to have booster packs as prizes for some of the events. The events that don’t have prize-support [are] normally for fun and members use these events to try new strategies or deck combinations.


Does the society accommodate beginners or should players have at least some level of proficiency in the game to participate?

Snyman: Players of all levels are welcome. Most of the players that do attend have been playing MTG for a while, but they will always help anyone that would like to learn the game.


Is there any sort of intervarsity competition for MTG players?

Snyman: Nothing at the moment. We will be looking into partnering with Wits next year and having a couple of intervarsity matches.


Do players use their own decks to compete or are games with random decks sometimes played?

Chetty: Players almost always use their own deck, whether it be custom-made or bought as a whole.


What do societies like Tuks Gaming and Tuks MTG do for people who are avid players of MTG, Dota, League of Legends or other competitive games?

Snyman: We try our best to build communities in the games that a lot of students compete in so that they can practise, socialise, and improve their gaming skills with fellow students. We also organise events throughout the year for MTG, Fifa on console, and have launched the Orena University League for avid Dota 2 and League of Legends players. For MTG, we partnered with [gaming store] Outer Limits [in] Pretoria, and they have been very helpful in prize support and currently also host a lot of events over weekends that our members attend as well.

Photo: Stefan Stander

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