Around 15:00 on Tuesday 7 September Magrietjie got into the swing of things and joined the Pre-spring Day celebrations by hosting a ladies volleyball tournament.

Ladies from eight various residences were all dressed up and ready for action, including Magrietjie, Inca, Katjiepiering, Curlitzia, Asterhof, Madelief, Jasmyn and Klaradyn.

While boerewors rolls and refreshments were sold the volleyball games continued. Asterhof, Magrietjie, Madelief and Katjiepiering went through to the semi-finals. While some old school tunes blasted out of the Magrietjie residence the ladies prepared themselves for a tough battle, however, in the end only one residence could be crowned the winners. This honour went to Magrietjie who won on home ground.

Portia Mogashoa, clothing, ladies internal and archives HK of Magrietjie, explained that Magrietjie wants to make this an annual event; something fun and exciting for the ladies to do as a Pre-spring Day celebration.

Esbé van Zyl, Vice Primaria of Magrietjie says the event performed the function of marketing Magrietjie and promoting not only Magrietjie, but a number of girls’ residences.

Mogashoa and Van Zyl both agree that the event was a huge success and everyone who attended seemed to agree wholeheartedly. It is safe to say that this tradition is here to stay.




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