Magrietjie celebrated their 30th birthday on Monday 26 March with a formal function that marked the official opening event on the calendar for Magrietjie’s Festival Year in 2012. The Festival Year is celebrated every five years and a new plaque is awarded each time to mark the occasion. Director of Residence Affairs and Accommodation, Prof. Roelf Visser, attended the event and unveiled the new plaque, which he sponsored. Prof. Visser was a Magrietjie house parent for seven years in the 1990s and reflected on these years in his speech: “Magrietjie has established themselves as one of our top residences. Proof of that can be found in their excellent performance in the fields of academic achievement, values, transformation, discipline and their organized student life. Magrietjie is a world class ladies residence and is producing well-rounded and proud TuksAlumni, South African and global citizens.” According to current Magrietjie house mother, Prof Yolanda Jordaan, Magrietjie is the youngest ladies residence at UP. However, she emphasised that Magrietjie will never grow old in spirit. A few special guests and previous Magrietjie residents also attended the celebration, such as the very first Magrietjie Primaria of 1982, Zelda de Cock. Magrietjie Primaria, Esbé van Zyl assisted Prof Visser in unveiling the plaque and thanked all the house members for their support and memories, “Thanks for making Magrietjie’s heart still beat strong after 30 years,” Van Zyl said.

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