The second half began with Maties frustrating last year’s finalists with their physicality to build up a nine-point lead at the end of the third quarter, despite UP outscoring them during their power play.

In the final quarter, the Stellenbosch side were able to create spaces between the UP defenders and managed to build up a ten-point lead. Tuks were able to fight back within the last five minutes of the match, however, to reduce the deficit and make it a nervous end to the game. Despite the lack of experienced players, Tuks is proud to have made it to the knockout stages.

Another surprise result in Bloemfontein saw North-West University (NWU-Pukke) beat the University of the Free State 48-56. Maties will now face NWU-Pukke in Stellenbosch, which means that a new Varsity Netball champion will be crowned on 19 October.

Image by Riana Bezuidenhout

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