Not two days later, I encountered another person who was using the lift to go from the third floor to the second. Seriously, come on. It’s downhill!

My residence has four stories and no elevator. Each day, 60 or so girls ascend and descend those stairs at least once. Sometimes they do it at 05:00 and sometimes they might not be too sober. They are certainly almost always tired (especially if the situation involves 05:00 and inebriation). Even so, in my four years I’ve never heard of anyone acquiring a serious health problem from these stairs. In fact, I’m pretty sure it actually improves their vitality. Or helps them sleep better, at the least.

The HSB lifts are super crowded and everyone is quite anxious to get to their destinations. Being forced to stop just one floor up is highly annoying to the people that are aiming for the 10th, 16th, or even 22nd floor, especially if you’re late or the person next to you has powerful BO. It’s really not much effort on your part to cut the laziness and make everyone’s day more pleasant.

I could elaborate on the idea that you should be grateful for your mobility and make use of it, but instead I will just warn the offenders: if you encounter a short girl reprimanding you for taking the elevator to the next floor, it’s probably me and you’ve succeeded in making me Grumpy McGrumpster for the next hour.

Now that that’s done, you should probably read the rest of the paper. Our journos have been working super hard as we’re slightly understaffed at the moment. Thank goodness for new intake on Friday!

Be considerate and have a fantastic week 🙂




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