Meet the editorial. The people who have (and will) shed blood, sweat and tears to put this paper together. Here is their advice to you.

The Questions: 1. A do and a don’t for first years. 2. An event you cannot afford to miss this year. 3. One thing you have to do to be considered a true Tuks student. 4. Best place to hang out around Hatfield. 5. Something on campus that will change a first year’s life. 6. The best drink to get you through the year.


Visuals editor: Brad Donald 1. Do read this newspaper. Don’t not go to Aandklas (see what I did there?) 2. Splashy Fen and Oppikoppi. 3. Go to Tuks sport games and support your team. 4. Oom Gert’s. 5. Chips from Oom Gert’s. 6. Monster energy drink, with a shot of Jägermeister.


News editor: Danielle Petterson 1. Do explore all the buildings on campus. Don’t wear heels to campus. They’re impractical and everyone will look at you like you’ve lost your mind. 2. From what I’ve heard, Oppikoppi is the place to be. I will only be undertaking my first trip to Oppi this year. Wish me luck! 3. Watch the RAG Procession and attend the after-party. 4. Hatfield Square. Food, alcohol and music. There’s something for everyone. 5. Varsity itself will change your life. Enjoy it while it lasts. 6. Vodka. Vodka is made from potatoes, potatoes are vegetables, and vegetables are good for you. You’re welcome. Also, strawberry tequila. Because it’s delicious and everything is more fun with tequila!



Entertainment editor: Lusanda Futshane 1. Do go to all your lectures. Don’t ask seniors for directions to your lecture venues. They will hurt you. 2. I wouldn’t be much of an entertainment editor if I didn’t strongly suggest that you go to Oppikoppi, now would I? Seriously, though: go. 3. Get wasted during the day at Oom Gert’s. 4. Aandklas. That’s where all the sexy misfits hang out. 5. Coffee is my spirit animal and there are wells of it all over campus. I recommend Fego and TriBeCa. 6. Anything with vodka in and around it will do the trick.



Layout editor: Nolwazi Bengu 1. Do enjoy long breaks in-between class lying on the grass catching some sun. Don’t get too caught up with fun because it will come to bite you in the arse. 2. Go to as many festivals as you can. This is the time to try it all out. There’s so much going on throughout the year you’ll definitely find at least one to fall in love with. 3. Do something you regret the next day. 4. Duncan Yard, it’s quiet and hidden and you can buy cool things if you’re the artsy type. 5. Fego. It’s worth waiting in endless lines for. Try it and see for yourself. 6. Red Bull, you’ll need it sooner or later. Trust me.



Features editor : Bernd Fischer 1. Do have fun whenever and wherever you can – most of you will only be first years once in your life. Don’t skip all of your lectures. It’s all about balance. 2. People will tell you Oppikoppi. I will tell you the day Lady Gaga releases ARTPOP. Yes, it’s considered an event. 3. Get drunk at Hatfield Square at least once. 4. Not Hatfield Square. 5. All the weird and wonderful people you will be exposed to. 6. Coffee. Obviously.



Sport editor: Maxine Twaddle 1. Do read Perdeby. How else are you planning to stay cool? Don’t tell anyone how many distinctions you got in Matric. We don’t care. 2. The Varsity Cup final, hopefully. 3. Get horribly drunk at Aandklas and ace a test at 08:00 the next morning. 4. Aandklas! 5. Fego’s chai latte is happiness in a paper cup. 6. Tequila is your new best friend.



Head copy editor: Jaco Kotze 1. Do join a day house if you’re not staying in res. Do as much as you possibly can. Steal a jottir. Don’t get stuck in a turnstile. You will be attacked by an angry mob of seniors. 2. Park Acoustics. Go to every single one. 3. Dodge campus security and swim in the bokkiedam in front of the Old Arts building or raid a residence. Perdeby won’t accept any responsibility for actions taken or losses suffered. 4. Well, it has to be Hatfield Square. This will be your home away from home until you grow tired of it in two years’ time. 5. The jacarandas between the EB and Law building when in bloom, the view from the top floor of the HSB and lunch hour concerts in the Musaion. Also: Chelsea buns and Fego coffee on a cold winter’s morning or having a shot at Oom Gert’s after writing a horrible test. 6. Wine, more wine, and then after you’ve ruined your budget, punch.



Web editor: Nolwazi Mngadi 1. Do acquaint yourself with a map of the university. First years asking us for directions is not cool. No one likes that. Don’t wear jeans with takkies. It’s not fashionable. It’s not sexy. 2. Oppi. Freaking. Koppi. It’s like a little hippie/hipster community and a fun escape when things start getting hectic. 3. Going to Oom Gert’s at the end of a long day. Technically, you’re not even a real person until you’ve done that. 4. Aandklas. The vibe is chilled, the people are (sometimes overly) friendly and you can dine like royalty on a student budget. 5. Perdeby. Obviously. 6. Coffee. Nectar of the gods, saviour of humankind and magical elixir during exams. Also, it’s better than drugs. Drugs are bad, mmmkay?

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