Which genre influences your music the most?

My music is more afrocentric, although it does have hints of West African music. I don’t want to limit myself to one genre. I have a song in Zulu, [which] I had [to learn] as well as some music that has hints of Zim-house. I am a versatile artist and I want my brand to remain African and not adapt to the American [style] of singing.


Do you come from an artistic background?

I grew up singing in a choir but I would say my singing abilities came naturally.


What are your fondest musical memories?

It was in 2014 at the Aula, it was my very first live performance. I sang a gospel song that I wrote and composed, titled “Sacrifice of Praise”, I was really proud of myself.


Which project are you currently working on?

I am currently working on a music video project for my newly released single[…] “Take you away”. In addition to that I am also working on building my brand and increasing my target audience and [plan on] releasing an EP or an album in the next year.


What opportunities and platforms did the University of Pretoria provide for you that assisted in your journey as an artist?

Being involved in UP Ovuwa has been enriching and I learned a lot about South African cultures which played a vital role in my work and my identity. I got the opportunity to travel to USA through UP Ovuwa and that really helped broaden my horizons. UP Arts, through their hosted competitions like TuksIdols, has helped with my stage fright and performance. I came second last year in TuksIdols which really helped boost my confidence as a performer.


If our readers would like to hear more of your music, which online platforms should they follow?

You can go to my website [millicentmusic.net], there you can find all the links that will redirect you to the multiple platforms I [use to showcase my music].


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