The various campus service providers are largely student-run organisations that serve the student community. They offer students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and develop leadership skills. UP’s service providers are:

Tuks RAG

Tuks RAG (Reach out and Give) is a student-run non-profit organisation that raises funds for several charities. Funds are raised through various events, including the RAG Procession, Spring Day and UP Beats Festival, as well as sponsored by several large companies. Tuks RAG annually hosts the Tuks RAG Queen Competition which allows female students between the ages of 18 and 25 to actively participate in fundraising and community projects. The competition gives the girls the opportunity to become the face of Tuks RAG by becoming RAG Queen. See pages 14 and 15 for this year’s RAG debutantes.


Perdeby is UP’s official student newspaper which has 75 years of history behind its headlines. It is one of the top student newspapers in the country with a readership of over 40 000. Between 20 and 30 issues of 10 000 copies each are printed annually making it the most regular student newspaper in South Africa. The paper covers news, entertainment, features and sport. Editor-in-Chief Carel Willemse said he is looking to expand the paper this year with more copies to ensure a wider distribution.

Student Culture (Stuku)

Stuku is responsible for student culture at UP and ensures the continuation of cultural events and the promotion of healthy participation. Stuku organises events such as UP Arts Week, Tuks Debate, Expression, Serrie, Ienkmelodienk and Serenade. JC de Jager, 2012 Stuku Chairperson, said Stuku hopes “to expand and better represent the cultural diversity of UP [and] to provide first class service to all Tuks students”. De Jager added that “all students express their culture in their own unique way and Stuku provides a platform to facilitate these expressions. Stuku is always open for a new challenge to broaden the cultural representation on our campuses.”

Tuks FM

Tuks FM “sells itself as a ‘rock lifestyle companion’ and supports not only local bands but also its local community,” said Station Manager Loutjie van der Merwe. Tuks FM is situated on Hatfield campus and has been the sound of Tuks for over 30 years. The station is one of the most respected campus stations in the country. It received the MTN Campus Station of the Year award in 2012 as well as various awards for its staff members.

Tuks FM is strictly staffed by students, giving them experience in broadcasting. They have produced the likes of Gareth Cliff, Barney Simon, Anele Mdoda, Marius van der Walt, Sias du Plessis and Rob Forbes, just to name a few.

Student Sport Committee (SSC)

The SSC manages sporting activities at UP and strives to promote participation in sport at the university. According to the university website the SSC hopes to “create an efficient and positive organisational structure and to positively promote the image of the university through excellent sport management”.

Illustration: Talifhani Mathode

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