To all our new students,

Welcome to the University of Pretoria. The start of an academic year is an exciting time, especially at Tuks, a university renowned for its academic excellence and its active student life. For new students university life means greater independence compared to school. As you familiarise yourself with UP’s full range of services and facilities, it is important that you make choices that will lead to your academic success. The choices and actions you make today shape your future.

Never hesitate to ask for help – the university offers a full array of services to assist and support you. The Department of Student Affairs, in particular, provides services to students ranging from counselling to leadership training. We take pride in the success of our graduates and this means that we are committed to ensuring that you do your best.

Apart from academic success, the university also strives to cultivate well-rounded citizens who have good leadership skills. UP attracts students from communities all across South Africa and from many international destinations. We are a dynamic, diverse campus community united in our commitment to quality, relevance, diversity, and sustainability. The many community engagement projects we support as well as the many sporting and cultural activities we offer at the university will give you opportunities to expand your social networks, explore new ideas and develop your leadership potential.

Choosing to enrol at UP is one of the best decisions you have made – we are one of South Africa’s leading universities that enjoys widespread international recognition. UP is known for attracting talented staff and students and many of our graduates have distinguished themselves as leaders and innovators in business, in the public sector and in their communities.

I urge you to become an active, engaged learner who takes responsibility for your learning and development.

Welcome to the University of Pretoria. Your future begins today; aim higher, work hard, enable your tomorrow.

Prof Cheryl de la Rey Vice-Chancellor and Principal

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