You released your album Home Sweet Home last year. What has the reception been like?

It’s been superb. I mean, four singles already and we are feeling so blessed. [The] only scary reality is how albums are becoming so scarce. People just release singles. But we have always felt proud to put out an album for the fans for them to enjoy our story. It’s something we will always strive to do.


Are there any tracks on the album that you particularly enjoy performing?

Oh yeah, so many. At the moment I’m loving “Don’t wanna be your friend”. People just love that tune. It’s crazy. It also depends a lot on where we are in the world – certain songs just work for certain areas. “Mumble in the jungle” in the hood is crazy!


You’re currently on your Unlock Africa Tour. What was the idea behind this tour?

Well, it’s been amazing. It’s our second Africa tour, but this one is so unique because what we [are] doing is leaving the fate of us performing in a certain African country up to that country itself. So if you want us to play in your country, you have to create sufficient social engagement to create the demand for us to come. Then the fans unlock our show, essentially.


You’ve recently performed in Rwanda, Malawi, Uganda and Kenya during your Unlock Tour. How did you experience these countries?

Man, we live on the best continent on planet Earth. That’s where I will leave it.


What was your favourite city where you performed?

Kampala is one of my new favourite cities in the world. Nairobi is also my favourite city in the world. I love the people so much. Every time we go we get blown away.


How would you describe performing with Kenyan band Sauti Sol in Nairobi?

Ahhh, I tell you those dudes are amazing. They [are] such great friends, so getting on the stage with them is a great moment.


How did your collaboration with them come about?

In an elevator … honest truth. We met a few years back at a show. Then we started chatting [and] as we made our way to our rooms we found ourselves in the same lift and we started singing. It’s a moment I will cherish.


You’re set to play Emmarentia Live on Women’s Day. What can your fans look forward to at the performance?

Look, I saw the lineup. I wanna come early and chill too. It looks like it’s going to be a whole lot of fun. Since its Women’s Day, we [are] gonna work on making the women feel special.


Emmarentia Live will a special way to celebrate Women’s Day. What do the women in your life mean to you?

[They are] the rocks, really. The people that make us and remind us who we really are. The people that support us and really love us unconditionally.

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