As Jarred often said, “people are trippin’”, and I would like to share with you why they tripped for him.

  • He was a kind, honest guy who always tried to make things better for everyone else.
  • He always saw the lighter side of life and made a party out of every situation.
  • He had a calming influence, as well as always seeing the positive in every situation.
  • He approached his work with determination and pride, and his dream was to do land rehabilitation for mines once he graduated from his landscape architecture degree.
  • He was truly an angel sent to earth by God to make a difference in people’s lives; to show people how we should all conduct our lives with positivity and the courage to pursue your dreams.
  • He had no enemies but was extremely loyal and protected those that he loved.
  • His strong family values and faith attracted a multitude of people to him, which was evident in the hundreds of people who prayed and kept their hopes up for Jarred’s recovery.
  • Jarred never allowed stress to affect his academic work and still found time in his demanding routine to calm other students who were not coping with their load.
  • Jarred made decisions easily, even in times of crisis and these decisions always had good outcomes.
  • He was always a friendly person who wanted to meet new people constantly and believed the more friends one had the better one was.
  • He was an excellent example to people in South Africa on racial harmony as he accepted everybody on equal footing.
  • His passion for nature and soccer was evident but his dream of playing soccer for Tuks was never possible due to the demands of his course.

He will never be forgotten and may his spirit live on in all students and lecturers who had the privilege to meet this angel, Jarred Anthony Thain.  Rest in peace,  shaparrinos and fresh for days.

Michael Wood

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