The Tuks u/21 A, Tuks1 and Tuks 2 sides were among the netball teams in action at the annual Tuks-UJ intervasity sports event.

Tuks u/21 A impressed with a clinical showing to overcome UJ. The home side had the quarters 7-4, 13-8 and 18-11 respectively, finally winning 28-15. UJ failed to capitalise on a lot of goal-scoring opportunities with their attacking players often lacking the confidence to take shots when in position. UJ opted to pass the ball in the box more than they probably should have, resulting in missed opportunities. Tuks however attacked their opponents’ net and took majority of their scoring chances without hesitation.

Tuks2 took to action in their match at the same time as the u/21s. Tuks secured a lead at the end of the first quarter but the visiting UJ team was not to be so easily outplayed. They came back to equal the home side’s score. Eventually, the game ended in a 27-27 tie.

Tuks1 fell at the hands of a determined UJ team who managed to contain the Tuks attack for the most part of the game. The result was a disappointing one for Tuks. Tuks managed to break the deadlock with the first point coming as the result of some accurate and structured passing. This lead did not last long as the UJ girls hit back immediately with two points to take the lead for the first time.

UJ’s tendency to frantically move the ball down the court seemed to suggest they were lacking structure and patience, but this soon formed a pattern that allowed them to be effective in their counter attacks. The faster UJ game earned them more scoring opportunities and the lead throughout the game.

As the game went on, UJ continued to stretch their lead as they scored twice to open the second quarter. A number of loose passes by the Tuks girls gave away easy interceptions to the visitors who did not hesitate to launch quick and effective counter movements. As the game drew to an end, Tuks pushed furiously to close the deficit but their efforts were in vain as the final score was 49-39 to UJ.

Photo: Kobus Barnard

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