It’s no surprise that high school is close to his heart, as this is where he found his love for the genre. Apart from his life events, the poetry that he studied in high school had a considerable influence on his work. “When I [saw] the poems, I thought [about] hip-hop and poetry. I feel like if those guys were here, in my shoes, they would express [themselves] through hip-hop. Hip-hop must be the new poetry.”

Since then, Mo_Rappz has been busy. When he hasn’t been working on his campaign, he has been performing at local night clubs and talent events. He enjoys performing at the State Theatre at an open mic event called “Artists in Motion”. Competing against people with other talents opened his eyes to the world of music in Pretoria, but there is not enough, he says. “I’ve realised in Hatfield there are a lot of talented people but we don’t get to see them. Like, the only time I saw them was when we [went] to the Musaion, [to see the] lunch time concerts. I was blown away, I was like ‘Is this really happening?’ Usually you won’t expect people to be this talented. I feel like the surrounding area is not really getting to see this.”

Mo_Rappz is currently working on his first EP called The Kool Guy Loser, which is set to be released soon. The EP is in its final stages and will be released through his own label, BlackBalls. “I want people to relate and feel like they are part of the music. I’m all for putting out quality, I feel like people deserve quality.”







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