Instruments intermingle perfectly on this album to make each track pleasing to the ear and to uplift the listener. There is no doubt that fans will have a smile on their face after listening to upbeat tracks like “Over now”, “Wait” and “So long”.

The track “Own the night” starts out with tender acoustic guitars – a rarity on this album – but rapidly moves into a steadier beat with a soft electronic undertone, although the guitars still remain in the background as a sort of postscript, creating a beautiful blend of genres.

“You make” is an emotional, personal song with an inspiring melody and lyrics filled with hope and promise, making it one of the album’s highlights.

Negatives is a welcome deviation from most superficial pop albums as its lyrics convey depth and meaning. Each song seems to end as if the last note is a whisper that is left to linger in mid-air, which is effective as it leaves the listener anxious to hear what is next.

Overall, no fault is found with Negatives as it is an excellently mastered, original album filled with pleasant surprises. Judging by the exceptional quality of their debut album, there is only one way that MonArk can go as a band – forward.

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