Katjiepiering’s theme was 60s diner girls, while Zinnia’s skull island and Madelief’s corpses were some of the darker themes of the evening. Erika, Magrietjie and Curlitzia went for more tongue-in-cheek themes, namely runaway brides, stalkers and bullfighting senoritas respectively. Olienhout’s Helen of Troy theme and Olympus’ medieval uprising theme were among the darker themes in the men’s category, while Taaibos’ firefighters made use of innovative costumes and Maroela’s Cool Runnings theme was more light-hearted. Mopanie’s performance was centred around the more humorous theme “my daddy is rich”, and their energetic stage presence earned them first place in the men’s category and the title of overall winners of Serrie 2016. Second place in the men’s category went to Olympus, with Taaibos placing third. In the ladies’ category, Curlitzia placed first, Zinnia second and Erika third.

The prizes for best reception went to Kiaat and Erika in the men’s and ladies’ categories respectively. The prizes for best theme at finals went to Olympus in the men’s category and Magrietjie in the ladies’ category. Magrietjie also took the prize for best ladies’ theme at prelims, and they earned the title of ladies’ prelims winners. The awards for best men’s theme at prelims and men’s prelims winners went to Olienhout.

The only residences not to perform at prelims were Sonop and Tuks Naledi. Tuks Naledi’s withdrawal meant that there was no mixed residence category this year as the Onderstepoort (OP) Serrie group did not contain any male performers. All of UP’s day houses took part in Serrie prelims, with Luminous, a mixed day house, entering an all-ladies group.


Image: Stefan Stander

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