Among other reasons for the disappointment among viewers were the cheap scares, sub-par acting and uninteresting script. Annabelle fails to rise up to the legendary status of its precursor and while it does not have you shaking in your chair it will have you a bit shook up at times.

The film was intended as an interlude before The Conjuring 2 hits the silver screen in 2015. Great expectations and good marketing are the sole reason for the financial success of this film as the  big scares in this movie are few and far between with the general aura not being frightening at all.

A few good scenes save Annabelle from entirely sinking, yet they aren’t enough to keep it afloat.

While not being entirely unwatchable, Annabelle is not recommended for viewers with weak stomachs, and some horror fans may find it unsatisfactory.

Rating: 2/5

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