The Afrikaans action thriller is an exciting step for the Afrikaans film industry. Jagveld as a whole is an enjoyable and exciting film, although it does fall short on the technical side. Being set in the Karoo, the film gives beautiful wide angle shots of the landscape while incorporating spectacular close-ups. These cinematographic achievements are somewhat dulled by the constant red filter that causes the great camera work to look sloppy and cheap. The excellent script is eclipsed by poor acting by some actors, which causes the dialogue to sound stunted and unnatural. The character development is also underwhelming as various characters’ back stories are scattered throughout the film in a confusing jumble of flashbacks that don’t provide enough information by the end.

Despite the film’s technical failures, it still succeeds in pleasing audiences at the end. Jagveld adapts classic action film tropes to a South African storyline in a very satisfying way, with a main character that genuinely lives up to the action genre. The villains are excitingly psychopathic and the film does not spare any gore in the fight scenes. Audiences are treated to a classic western-style shootout that, while cliché, throws back to classic action films.




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