The nominees were chosen by producers and executives at MTV, while the winners were decided by online voting from the general public. Female actors obviously made an impact on viewers this year as they walked away with three of the major acting category wins. Emma Watson won the award for Best Actor in a movie for Beauty and the Beast. The film also secured the title of Movie of the Year. The director of this Disney retelling, Bill Condon, thanked the female audience because “Women have proven that they are a huge and powerful audience.”

Newcomer, Millie Bobby Brown from the sci-fi series Stranger Things, walked away with the Best Actor in a Show title and Taraji P. Henson won Best Hero for her work in the critically acclaimed movie Hidden Figures. In her acceptance speech Henson explained that even though it was never explicitly stated, she grew up with the understanding that girls could not do science or maths. She went on to say that everyone who worked on Hidden Figures made it their mission to abolish this myth. Henson stated that she did this film so that “Another young girl would not grow up thinking that her mind was not capable of grasping math and science.”

Another important win on this evening was Ashton Sanders and Jharrel Jerome who received the acclaim of Best Kiss for their intimate seaside moment in the Oscar-winning film Moonlight. The pair now joins a mere group of five who have won Best Kiss for a same sex kiss. Sanders delivered a powerful acceptance speech making it clear that it is time for actors to step out of their boxes and to do whatever it takes to start making changes.

South Africa’s Trevor Noah, host of The Daily Show, bagged the award for Best Host. Noah thanked President Trump for supplying so much comedic material. He went on to say that he aspires to be like one specific person every day, “and that is [his] mom: a powerful, strong black women who never listened when people told her she couldn’t be more.”


Photo: Michelle Hartzenberg

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